Hi, I'm Poire.

I'm a 22 years old graduate in Game Design and digital design
(DNMADe European diploma).
I am proficient in many varied domains such as :
· Game and Level Design
· Character design
· Traditional and Digital illustration
· Digital design
· Programming
which gives me a lot of work adaptability and flexibility.I seek to work in Video Game production.
I am mainly attracted to artistic branches of the industry, such as character design and concept art, but I also harness interest towards game design, level design, and UX/UI design.

This page is still a work in progress !

Offboard is a strategic puzzle game depicting the convergence of individual emancipations under an oppressive authoritarian game-board world. Solve sliding puzzles with two solutions to help the Meeples reconnect to their hearts, and beware of the Regulators who will enforce order.

Specifications :

  • Production time : 2 months for initial presentation + 3 months of polishing (finished product is a prototype)

  • Group size : 4 people

  • Logiciels : Unreal Engine 5 - Substance Painter - Blender

My contributions :

  • Character design

  • 3D asset production pipeline (Mesh sculpting, triangulation, UV mapping, texturing, rigging, animating)

  • Integration in UE5 (Cloth Simulation, Texture Maps)

Mesh sculpting

← Base conception of the meshes aimed to produce the lowest amount of polygons possible while eliminating n-gons to provide overall smoother textures.The building's mesh is modular to allow for different combinations of parts during level design/integration →

Software : Blender


← UV mapping used a checker texture to ensure correct alignment of the mesh's faces.Different materials were assigned to the mesh in Blender in order to ease texture application in Substance Painter. →(More infos on texture maps in the intégration section)

Software : Blender, Substance Painter 2021


After the animations were done in Blender, came the second step of the process with Unreal Engine.
The mesh's colliders being set, it was time to set up some physics in engine.
Unreal Engine's Cloth Simulation tool allowed to paint over vertices with a specific material, creating elastic and flowing effects to add to the animation's dynamism and story-telling. →

Software : Unreal Engine 5.1

← Each character has two animations : idle and walking.
Characters were designed with few limbs to limit the number of bones, and ease rigging and animation process.
Rigging was made in Blender with the the use of inverse kinematics. Blender also allowed the use of the Cloth modifier to experiment and preview desired cloth behavior for future integration in UE5's Cloth Simulation

Software : Blender


← After being realized, the normal and texture maps were implemented in UE through the Material Graph interface.The newly formed UE materials were then attrbuted in the Skeletal Mesh's corresponding Material Slots.The integration also involved setting up the blueprints assets with the correct animations and skeletal mesh.

Software : Unreal Engine 5.1


Price sheets

The secret door has opened once more. Thank you for taking interest in my work. ♥
Below you will find my prices, Terms of Service and contact info. For any further information, feel free to contact me using the links at the bottom of this page.

The examples listed below are only for Illustration works.
I can, however, work on anything that falls within my skillset (graphic design, visual identity, animation...)
If such services interest you, contact me asap.

You are allowed to specify whether or not you want your commission to be lined, lineless, etc.
Fully painted means extra effort will go towards the rendering of the volume, textures, and light sources according to your original idea.


Rough/Line - 8 €
Full - 10 €


Rough - 10 €
Lined/Rough Painting - 15 €
Full - 20 €

Rough painting/line

Halfbody - 30 €
Fullbody - 40 €

Fully painted/lined

Halfbody - 45 €
Fullbody - 55 €

Full composition

80 €

(this formula requires a lot more time and details, hence the bigger price !)

-> + 1 additional character = + 50% of original price
-> Additional polished background = + 10 €

Terms of Service

By purchasing a commission from me, you agree to the following terms :

  • When I start working on your commission, I will send you a preliminary sketch just before I move on to the next step of the process.

  • I will ask for payment when this sketch is delivered to you (and if you are satisfied). This precaution is to prevent abuse from scammers and art thieves.

  • Payment method will be discussed before the work on the preliminary sketch.

  • You are obligated to credit me if you repost the commission (wips or finished version) elsewhere on the internet. You are not allowed to remove the watermark from one of my works.

  • You are not allowed to mint my work on the blockchain, or make it into an NFT. This will compell me to urinate in a bowl of bleach next to you during your sleep.

  • I have the right to refuse or cancel a commission at any given time depending on cicrumstances (you will be refunded accordingly to the amount of time I spent on it)


Art gallery

Art and portraits allow me to explore various universes and to be versatile in my practice.

Besides digital and traditional painting, I enjoy playing with various elements and items to insert in my collages.
Their value, aesthetic or emotional, enhances that of the painting to make it truly unique.

Tarot cards

Ink Black

Tarot has been used as a means of predicting the future for ages. Regardless of wheter one believes or not in these practices, the arcana hold archetypal meaning that allow for multiple aspects and representations. These cards are tailored to key moments of my existence that fit the essence of the arcana they seek to depict. The black background focuses the attention of the patterns and motives, making them even more pristine.

Format : 6x11cm
Current arcanas : Death (XIII), Judgment (XX), The Stars (XVII), The Hermit (IX), The Lovers (VI), The Hierophant (V), The Sun (XIX),
The High Priestess (II),The Tower (XVI), The Devil (XV)

Design Projects

Web design

Collectif Theatrajeunes is an association composed of young adolescents and adults (13 -21 yo) that writes, adapts and stages plays.
As the domain name for their old website was changing, I was commissionned to help them transition into their brand new appearance.

(please refresh the page is the video does not load properly)

▼ The main mission was to keep the old visual identity (based on the logo and the general structure of the old site), while making new assets and pages for the recent plays.

▼ The site was designed to be fully responsive on every standard screen▼


Flyers and poster for the marketing campaign of "Appartement 61" , Collectif Theatrajeunes' latest play (2022).
The play being a murder mystery, the communication was centered around an ARG/puzzle game taking place in real life and on social media. ▼

The two main objectives of this campaign were retaining the interest of our core target, mostly comprised of older people, while winning the interest of new, younger audiences by using more interactive communication methods.

To reach older audiences :

  • Flyer distribution at the outdoors market (hot point for event communication)

  • Regular social media presence on Facebook

  • Info spreading by word-of-mouth (the play being held in a small city, this was actually pretty relevant to mobilize a network)

To reach younger audiences :

  • Emphasis on the puzzle game through the flyers

  • Regular social media presence on Twitter and Instagram

  • Regular updates of our website's main page in order to build the hype

Flyers distributed : ~350
Total number of attendances (70 seats in the room) : 225

  • Saturday 4PM : 55/70

  • Saturday 8PM : 70/70

  • Sunday 2PM : 30/70

  • Sunday 5PM : 70/70

◄ This flyer was co-created with Grégory Lechat to communicate on the play Of Mice and Men (2019), adapted by our troupe Collectif Théâtrajeunes, from the eponymous book by John Steinbeck. The character of Lennie (and most importantly, his hands during the climax scene) having a key role in the play, it was essential to enhance that aspect on the flyer.Moreover, the looming atmosphere of the visual predicts the tragedy which ends the story. The flyer's meaning becomes totally altered once the play is finished.

Visual identity

La Truffadaise

Construction of the visual identity of a food-truck scouring the roads of Cantal(France), producing traditional dishes made with products from local and biological agricultureThe target was young students and workers that needed to eat food in a small amount of time, hence the choice of the emojis(as well as the dish in the logo) which are universally recognizable.

◄ Elaboration of a storyboard for a fictional ad on the food truck

▼ Mockup for the menu

▼ A paper model was crafted to help visualize the truck's visual identity ▼

Research paper

Research paper made for the penultimate semester of my DNMADe curriculum. Written in french.The paper aims to adress the designer's social role in the fabric of information media, and the violence(s) resulting in the exertion of such a role as of today.PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT WE WERE LIMITED TO 10 000 CHARACTERS.
Should you be interested, you will find more in depth-analysis of the matter in the annexes at the end of the document.

Download the .pdf here


2D Animation

In front of the lockdown, we aren't all affected equally... So laziness and weariness are quick to take place. Hopefully, we can also laugh of them.

Made in 2020. (Photoshop/After Effects) (Music: veg out - underscores)

A wandering insect exhales its last breath in the heart of the Greenpath. The animation was done exclusively on After Effects, and depicts a scene based on the indie game Hollow Knight. (1'35)

(After Effects) (Music : Greenpath - Christopher Larkin)

Animation realized for the first chapter of the interactive book "Le retour de la Bête" by Jean-Luc Marcastel.

(Photoshop/After Effects) French audio. Voice : Jean-Luc Marcastel

Character design

Choir Anthem

Choir Anthem is a short visual novel prototype realized for our first monitored project of the semester.
The objective was, over the course of a short month, to reinterpret an AAA game (in this case, Fire Emblem : Awakening) by subverting its mechanics, lore, and flaws to create a grounded and meaningful experience.

Specifications :

  • School project (1 month)

  • Group size : 5 people

My contributions :

  • Lore conception

  • Character design

  • Asset creation (lineart, and game title logo)

  • Colorization was done by Alyssa Delord

◄ Great care was given into expressing the origins, mentality, and behavior of each character in relation to the universe's lore. Each specific pose corresponds to a "battle state" the characters can reach in rhetoric exchanges ▼

Overwatch agents - Behind the dream

António "Tónio" Borges is a reinterpretation of Torbjörn from Overwatch, made as a group project for a class on the mechanics of subversion.We chose Torbjörn because of the contradictory aspects of his character : he is a fantasy dwarf in a real world setting, and is introduced as an engineer but represented as a blacksmith.We focused on giving the character a shallow outside, with the racist Portuguese mason cliche, hiding behind it the brutal and human reality of an exploited handicapped worker, robbed of his merits and pride.

Specifications :

  • School project (2 weeks)

  • Group size : 5 people

My contributions :

  • Lore conception

  • Research on Torbjörn and the dwarf trope in Blizzard games

  • Weapon design (Jackhammer concept. Art done by Simon Bosser)

  • Ability design

Silhouette work & Model sheets

Mascot design

◄ Through silhouette work and selection, the objective of this design project was to give a fresher look to the Rapatou (Ra-pah-too), the imp mascot of the city of Aurillac's tale festival, Las Rapatonadas.The mascot needed to be appealing to all ages, as well as conserving the mischeviousness and prankster energy that the Rapatou is said to posess in the folklore. ▼

The model sheet and isolation of the body parts were all realised with the intention to animate the mascot (this project was however scrapped due to time limitations) ▼

Original characters

▲ Another reference sheet, more complete and detailed, for one of my main characters ▲

◄ Roleplaying in many different fictional universes allows me to create numerous characters with varied and colorfoul backgrounds and personnalities. Having them interact with other people's chatacters help flesh them out even more, making them into a truly unique individual.▼

Game development

La Tour (The Tower)

A short level prototype was made on Unity to demonstrate the game's mechanics

Realized in collaboration with Lauris Geoffret, La Tour is a prototype for a puzzle-narrative linear exploration game, in which a young artist longs to climb a wondrous and mysterious tower, ruled by a despondent and authoritarian Mouth.The game's aesthetic is heavily based on russian avant-garde constructivism (Tatlin) and Kasimir's Malevitch's work, and aims to criticize the class violence of the art world and the ideological elitism of bourgeois art.As the core idea of the game is to play with what is condisered sacred and artistically canonical, the two main mechanics are the ability to rescale and rotate items in the environment (respectively wth with the LMB/RMB and mouse wheel). The player character can also use this ability on themself.

As they progress through levels based on famous abstract and figurative paintings, the player will have to toy with the bits and pieces of the presented art work to find an elegant and creative solution to the puzzle.

Specifications :

  • School project (3 weeks)

  • Group size : 2 people

My contributions :

  • Character design and animation

  • Level design

  • Partial programming and implementation in Unity

Not Stopping

◄ Not stopping is a thrilling strategic card game prototype where you play the role of the EU in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The project was created using agile methodologies (SCRUM and 7-3-1).As a "spect-actor" of this war you will have the choice to intervene, stand back or even do nothing. It is entirely up to you yo make the right decisions in order to push back the red front line and help Ukraine recover its stolen territories. But be smart and careful ; don't burn your resources... or end up getting burned yourself.

This project was brought to life as a commission for the periodic Le Monde Diplomatique. ►

Specifications :

  • School project (2 months - 10 hours for the paper prototype)

  • Group size : 4 people

  • Methodology : SCRUM and 7-3-1, group organizaion with Trello and work diary.

My contributions :

  • Game design (mechanics)

  • Asset creation (cards on the right)

  • Documentation and research on the subject

Woof : The Uprising

In a galaxy far, far away, a space-travelling dog crashlands on the planet of the pigs. The frenzied chase of his beloved ball will wreak havoc on the porcine's society. A wonderfully fun and stupid game made during Paul Valery University's 2023 Game Jam.

The game is available on itch.io ! Play it here :

Specifications :

  • Paul Valery University's yearly Game Jam (3 days, 48h, no crunch)

  • Group size : 3 people : Loup, Lou, and me !

  • Main theme : "A dog's life"

  • Main restrictions : a relationship to Among Us in our game (did you know pigs are called "sus" in latin ?)

My contributions :

  • Level design (verticality, guiding the player towards the end of the level)

  • Asset integration

  • Game design (help on designing and polishing mechanics)

  • UI (design and implementation of the menu)

◄ Early level design sketches for the main level and starting room ▲

The main objective was to create a very vertical level with lots of angles. That way, the ball can bounce around everywhere and break almost everything. That, in turn, makes the player frantically chase it around, as they enter the state of mind of a dog playing with its ball.

The location of the pigs in the level was also thought out. They are either placed in the ball's most likely path, in dead ends or near breakable furniture. This allows for more comic relief as the ball and the players actions create 'accidental" situations (or straight up turns into cruelty)

◄ Quick storyboard for the introduction and ending cutscenes. ▲

▼ Sketches for the menu screen interface structure ▼

IKEA Adventure

IKEA Adventure is a text-only adventure game meant to resemble the classic Colossal Cave Adventure and "choose-your-adventure" books.Trapped inside a labyrinthic IKEA, you must find your way outside while dodging any and all social interactions. The game is both sprinkled with cynical humor, and programmed entirely in Python as part of an assigment.IKEA Adventure places the enemies, buffs, and elements necessary for progression in the dungeon procedurally.
Each run is different than the last !


Stroll is a game concept developped for the entrance exam of the CNAM-ENJMIN. The game was designed around the theme "The path is created by walking" Below you will find some concept art examples for the game.

You can find the game design document **here* !*

▲ Concept art for the three levels of the game, the field, the river, and the moutain. ▲

Stroll is a puzzle game with horror elements and tile-based movements, taking place over three levels. You play as a kid and a dog, fleeing from an unfathomable entity that rots everything it comes in contact with. You create your own path by pushing the tall grass that blocks your way, but doing so creates a trail that the entity will use to follow you. It is up to you to show wits, cunning, and take advantage of your surroundings to block the entity's path and outrun it.

The game alternates between puzzle-solving phases in which the player is trying to flee from the entity, and safe exploration phases where the game is allowed to build lore through environmental narration. In these the player will come across the remnants of three character's lives, exposing their views on death and weaving a philosophic narrative across the course of the game.

◄ The two protagonists are nameless and genderless, to facilitate player projection and theorization onto them.Their design is thought out to contrast a lot with the background and environment (minimalist, flat, bright shapes vs oily textures and details), allowing for clarity and easy identification.The color red represents them and binds them together : it is only present on their sprites and some assets that are designed to indicate to the player that they're on the right path.

▼ Concept art for some of the assets of the exploration phases. The desired render would be close to oil painting, with desaturated colors but high contrast, aiming for an atmosphere where time seems to have stopped.The goal is to evoke still life and vanitas paintings, reinforcing the game's theme of ever-lurking death.This choice also hosts a double meaning : paintings themselves being organic and prone to decomposition, using such a texture for the environment makes it feel vulnerable to an onslaught from the entity at any moment. ►

Alien Hunter Utsuho

Creation of Alien Hunter Utsuho's assets during the Touhou Fan Game Jam 6, over the course of 3 days.

(in collaboration with FeneralGefnirski on the graphic design)

The game is a top-down puzzle game with a 16x16, black border pixel art artstyle. The enemies move at the same time as the player, who posesses a laser that charges after 6 steps have been taken. The player must move wisely in order to align the enemies, and dispose of them with a single precise laser strike.
As this is a fangame, the characters are from the 11th and 12th entries of the Touhou franchise.

▼ Shooting sprites of the player character (forward facing was not made by me, so it's not included here) ►

▲ Stage clear and Game Over sprites (with Orin carting either the enemies' remains or the player's corpse)

Sprites for the boss of the game, Nue Houjuu (idle and channeling) ▼

LHC-styled huge machine (also the portal through which the enemies are coming from ►

A few environmental/effect tiles (teleport, conveyor belt, obstacle)▼

▼ Different assets have been prototyped as fast as possible in order to be used as placeholders, until the final productions were implemented in the game.▼


Design of an entire level and its mechanics on RPG Maker MV. The main tasks were :

  • Programming of puzzle mechanics

  • Dialogue loops and breaks

  • Maintaining and enhancing visual/environmental coherence

Despite being imperfect, this project was very useful for learning how RPGMaker MV works, and to understand how to create puzzes as well as a sense of progression for the player.

(Sound might be loud !)